Turnitin: What You Need to Know to Avoid Problems

The presence of the Internet and technologies in our life make it more informative and full. People can know everything, even what happened a few minutes ago in the other country. But there is one problem which is called plagiarism. Turnitin is a special online service that helps to check us the text unique or not. But is it really profitable for students who study well, but don’t want to waste time on essays? With the help of this article, you will know how to trick Turnitin.

What is Trick Turnitin?

Turnitin is one of the most common services which work online. It was created for the students, teachers and even educational establishment to determine whether diploma work, essay or coursework is unique or not. To use this service everyone needs to register. Service works on a commercial basis. Tutors enter the text of the student’s paper and get results. The working system of the website is to compare the text with all existed texts in the databases, to compare it with similar papers on a similar topic.

Some people say that this program doesn’t work properly, but still, it is one of the most common and widely used in universities and colleges around the world. It shows how many sentences and abstracts are copied from existed papers, and how many ideas were written by the students.

Who can work with Turnitin?

In many countries, a tutor from colleges and universities ask students to check their ready papers and determine the uniqueness. It is too important because, with the help of such a service, the tutors can know if there are some copied paragraphs or even phrases. Students can give the tutors the report. It includes information about the originality percentage as well as the exact material which was copied.

Of course, the service is so useful and convenient for college and university students. But it is the real trouble for the students. Sometimes clever and really reliable student uses some well-known phrases or uses some abstracts from the existed texts. And even in this situation, the service finds some copied parts. Turnitin will find everything, for example, word combinations and sentences as the copied content.

Moreover, there are such nouns that point only one thing in the Universe. It can be like the names of geographical items, historical events and so on. You can add the words to the sentence with such names, but still, you can’t describe this with the help of other words.

How to trick Turnitin?

Students know how difficult it is to achieve the desired percentage of uniqueness and to get the mark from the tutor. There are situations when students write essays or some papers quicker than they make changes to make the text unique. But fewer students know that there are some ways of tricking the service and get the desired result. Of course, no one gives you’re a guarantee that the tutor will not catch you.

  1. Format of the document
  2. If you want to trick Turnitin, try to make some changes with the format. If your report is written in the Word, try to format it into PDF and then adjust the structure of the essay. Such change can be useful for the students and the paper can be unique being in formatted in the other way.

  3. Try to paraphrase
  4. It is one of the most common and useful methods which can be used when you want to trick Turnitin. It was mentioned above, that the service looks for similar passages, sentences or constructions. But it will not see the content which is paraphrased. It is a really excellent opportunity to cheat safely and to achieve the desired percentage of uniqueness. This method takes lots of time, it is true. But you will not need to create the whole paper and make researches. Your task is to take ready paper and rewrite it with your own words.

    Use the basis, and write it in a different way. One more benefit of this method is that you will know the whole paper from the beginning till the end. Once the teacher will ask you some questions according to the sense of the content, you will know everything that is written in your paper.

    There are online services that can help you with this task. For example, you can use the dictionary of synonyms and find some new words, which were not used in the previous papers, but have the same meanings.

  5. Try to change the language
  6. If the previous two methods are not for you, try to use this one. Your task is to change the language of the checking plagiarism. By the way, there is the most common way of tricking Turnitin among the students. For example, you can change English o, i and y on such letters which are similar in Russian. They are pronounced in a different way, but they are written similarly.

    The software doesn’t see the similar features in these letters and consider them as unique symbols because they are from the other language. Of course, the tutor can also check your paper, and it would be really upset to know that your secret is opened. Use this method only in an emergency situation, but it’s better to rewrite the text and to achieve uniqueness with other methods.

  7. Ask for professional help
  8. If you are a really reliable student, and you don’t want to cheat the tutors, but you also don’t have time to write the paper on your own, we have the idea for you. You order the paper, and someone will write it for you. Just think about it. Some students spend a lot of time, finding the methods of how to trick Turnitin. It takes too much time to try these methods and achieve the desired results.

    Of course, ordering a paper you will pay money. But in this case, your paper will be really unique and your conscience will be clear. By the way, find the service which offers such function as plagiarism-free essays.

  9. Change grammar
  10. It means that if the original text is almost written in the passive case; change the sentences into an active one, and vice versa. In such a case the system will consider these sentences as those which were not used anywhere else.

There are practical tips which help students to cheat the Turnitin and pass the papers and even get excellent marks. Plagiarism checking was introduced a few years ago, but the mentioned methods of tricking it are passed from one to other generations.

If you don’t know how to write the paper on a certain topic with the needed percentage of uniqueness, you have to choose the most suitable method for you. They take time, but the result is the one which you expect.

Also, it is recommended to the students that they are reliable for the percentage. They decide to use some methods for tricking Turnitin and there will be no guilty people when the tutor will catch you. We advise you to be careful as much as you can. If the essay is not too long, and you have enough time, don’t change the format or language, but rewrite the text with your own words.

In addition, we want to say that modern tutors know about such tricks, and they can not only read your text and check it for the mistakes but also check it with Turnitin and with such methods of tricking.

As for the conclusion, we recommend to be honest and to write the papers on your own or to order them on professional services. But if you are short of time, please, do your best and try not to be caught by the tutor.