Thesis statement on depression and human psychic health

All we were students and everyone knows about the number of written assignments. There are too many kinds of papers, which must be written by every student during his/her studying. The list includes:

Of course, all these papers are focused on creative approach, development of writing skills as well as analytical thinking. There are also situations when the tutor just gives the main idea or question, and students should make a choice when to write about.

Nowadays one of the most common topics is human psychic health. Too much information, the quick tempo of life and more and more online speaking, all these factors influence mental health. People try to lead such lives as their idols, actors, bloggers and get depressed because they can’t achieve such success. Absence of free time, online chatting, likes instead of real compliments, all these factors make your social life more complicated and make people fill themselves depressed.

Scientists say that this is a real problem because people have no time to be with their feelings. They are always with people in person and online. Moreover, today people work more to earn more money. And this happens because they want to be like the rest people. One of the most important problems of nowadays is different mental disorders. The most serious fact is that not only adults but even teenagers and young people suffer from this.

Depression is a common disorder, which is diagnosed in thousands of people from all over the world. You shouldn’t be surprised when your college tutor will give you such a topic to discuss and to write about. One more common practice is that the tutors just describe a few moments, and then students determine what they want to write about and work with this topic.

Just imagine that you have already received such an assignment, and what must you do first? Of course, you have to write the thesis statement of depression. It has to show the main idea of the paper you are writing.

6 examples of the successful thesis statements

By the way, it should be mentioned that not all people would like doctors to diagnose depression in them. Lots of people say that they are tired, or they want to be alone for some period of time or want to keep the emotions and feelings from others. But there are serious signals, and maybe this person needs qualified help.

Of course, it is clear that people can’t be in their best mood all year round. But such mental disorder as depression can be described as the specific pattern of symptoms, which are observed for a certain period of time. According to the authorized sources, there are hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from depression. Statistics show, that lots of them are ready to suicide. This information should be mentioned in the thesis statement also. But there are some examples of the thesis statement on depression which you may use.

  1. People don’t feel interested in the things or affairs which pleased them earlier
  2. Once the person likes to read books, does sport, walks with friends, meets with relatives and spends time with interest. But now nothing makes her/him happy. This person just wants to stay in bed, think about some unpleasant or even painful moments, cry or just sleep and nothing more. It is really serious and you have to pay attention to the people who are always near you and whose behavior may be changed in a negative way.

  3. Negative thoughts
  4. In your thesis statement on depression, you can write that there are people who consider themselves as the worst people in history. Such people don’t forgive even their own mistakes, they estimate themselves lowly and they think that there aren’t worse people than they are.

  5. Insomnia as one of the symptoms
  6. People, who suffer from a mental disorder, have problems with the sleeping process. It is too difficult for them to rest, especially mentally. They can’t deal with their feeling and thoughts and keep them in silence in their heads. Such minds are too loud, so people suffer from insomnia, and because of this, the situation is getting worse.

  7. Negative results
  8. People can be in depression because of some actions which were made with them. The brightest example is the victim of home violence. Such people, especially children, and women live in depression and they even don’t know how to be happy and full of desire to live.

  9. Disappointment
  10. Nowadays social networks play a significant role in our life. The great number of successful bloggers surprises. In fact, all of them are so rich and famous. They show us all their lives, but how? They have the newest cars, they eat the most expensive and quality food, they visit the most expensive countries and have no problems with their families. In other words, we see the pictures of the people who do nothing but have everything. There are lots of people who have disappointed feelings because they work hard, don’t pay enough attention to the children and relatives, but still have not as the people from the Net do.

  11. People risk without their responsibility
  12. In your thesis statement on depression, you can mention that there are people who put their lives at risk. It means that they do it for their own reasons. And in such a way they show their depression and their readiness to suicide at any time.

Thesis statement: what to write about?

It is believed that if the person has mentioned symptoms for more than two weeks, it means that he/she has a serious problem which is called depression.

By the way, the situation with women can be different. For example, female representatives can feel bored, apathetic and upset. It depends on the hormonal situation. The emotional instability is a common sign during such periods. The important moment is that we have to distinguish whether there are these symptoms or some manifestation of depression.

Writing a thesis statement on depression, you have to think about the introduction of your paper. After reading it, your readers must understand what they will read in your paper. Try to use interesting and truthful information to attract readers’ attention. Just use statistical data, an interesting fact or ask a question.

The thesis statement should be written at the end of the introductive part. It must be strong and attractive. The thesis statement has to show the purpose of your paper. It will be also effective if you write one or two additional sentences about the main problem you chose.

The most important tip for students who need to write an essay or even a research paper about the mental disorder is to create a convincing and strong thesis statement. You need to make the readers keep reading your paper after it. Of course, after the thesis statement, you will write your own points of view and reference to the authorized theory.

Some topics which you can use as an example and make a similar thesis statement on depression:

Such thesis statements are strong enough and they attract attention. So remember that the thesis statement is one of the most important parts of your paper. It influences the rest paper and shows your own idea and point of view on the problem.