Introduction. What is an Anxiety research paper?

Anxiety is one of the emotions that everyone can feel during their lifetime. You might encounter such feelings as not being at ease, worry, fear, and nervousness. However, the vast majority of people face only mild anxiety. It is very important to treat anxiety since it might make it difficult to get through the day every day. To begin your journey to find the symptoms and ways out of anxiety, you might be asked to write an anxiety research paper by your professor. As soon as you do it, you will get to know how to cope with anxiety or help others manage it.

It is very important to define key concepts and terms in each research essay. Therefore, anxiety is such an emotion that everyone might experience at some moment in their life. Nervousness, trying to make a huge decision, and issues at work are basic reasons for it. It is worth mentioning that there are various types of anxiety disorders. There are 2 main symptoms of anxiety such as fear and worry more than other individuals. A person suffering from anxiety will need treatment in order to get on with their normal life and manage his or her feelings effectively. Therefore, it will be better to address the following aspects when you write an anxiety research paper.

What are the types of anxiety disorder in a research paper?

There are such things to be addressed in an anxiety essay as general anxiety, phobia, social anxiety, and panic. A panic disorder, for instance, is the reason, causing unexpected intense fear. In other words, we call such a condition a panic attack. There are such symptoms of it as irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, chest pain, and profuse sweating. Also, when a person experiences social anxiety disorder, he or she becomes self-conscious concerning daily associations, worried, and overwhelmed. They are consumed and fixated by embarrassment and fear. Thirdly, people might have such phobias as fear of heights, flying, insects, animals, and more. Often, they are so affected by the fear that they are even paralyzed by it. People with general anxiety disorder become unrealistically and excessively tense and worried for no vivid reason. Sometimes their worries and fears are so apparent that they seem to be real. To make the research paper look professionally exceptional, you should address these aspects.

There are such main signs of anxiety disorder:

How to make a diagnosis and manage anxiety?

Let the readers know that for the vast majority of anxiety disorders it is essential to make a correct diagnosis since they are all differently treated. The prescribed treatment is only effective in case the underlying disorder was ascertained by a medical practitioner. The reader of such a paper should be aware the treatment will be a combination of various therapies like psychotherapy, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Antidepressants are essential things when it comes to the treatment of anxiety disorders. They reduce the panic and anxiety that a patient might suffer from.

The next step is writing about anxiety signs. There are several symptoms and signs a person can look out in order to define whether an individual suffers from an anxiety disorder. One of those symptoms is uneasiness. To be more precise, a person might seem like looking for someone or something and is accompanied by panic and fear. Insomnia or sleeping issues might be a sign of anxiety, inability to stay still and calm down. Besides, there might be such mental effects of the anxiety disorders as the inability to breathe properly and a sense of suffocation. To add more, there might be such symptoms as dizziness, muscular tension, nausea, dry mouth, and irregular heart rhythms.

The scholars writing about anxiety disorders are still unaware of the causes of them. However, they believe that a lot of things that are combined are responsible for it. It might be environmental or genetic stress, or modifications in brain functionality or activity, especially, in the brain parts that are linked to feelings and distress. The issue with anxiety disorder management is the fact there are very few people that are able to recognize it. Also, very few people are aware of how to treat it, even if recognized. people tend to misunderstand the need to properly treat the anxiety so they do not do anything about that.

How to provide empirical evidence?

Each anxiety paper should be supported by pieces of evidence. For example, you may find important information on anxiety in the American National Institute of Mental Health. Here you will get to know that 18.1% of the adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. Some scholars claim that the number of patients is even more than 30%. To make your essay more effective, you may also utilize other sources.

Is anxiety increasing in the United States?

It is a fact that more and more children and teenagers in the USA are experiencing anxiety. Most of them face daily stress and depression. Therefore, it is very important for every person to be able to define the symptoms of anxiety and go to the doctor.

Unfortunately, many people with anxiety symptoms are not serious about their health issues. They are not willing to treat this health disorder and ignore the signs of this mental illness. However, the bad news is that anxiety might cause even more severe health problems so it is important to be treated at early stages.


All things considered, anxiety disorder is a very serious disease that should be managed correspondingly and at early stages. The earlier you notice the anxiety symptoms, the better it is. Writing a research paper on anxiety, focus on the pieces of advice you may provide your reader with to prevent anxiety. Treatment of anxiety is the thing you should highlight to be done by every individual with anxiety symptoms at the primary stages. To sum up, try to inform the readers the more you can about the dangers of this disease and the importance of the appropriate therapy.

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